Another Thing of Beauty

There has been a suggestion that perhaps our household has an obsession with Dachshunds. When the household is ruled by Dachshunds its hard for it to be otherwise. Over at Larry Muffin at Home Laurent has outlined pretty much a day in the life of a dachshund at Manoire Hobbs-Beaulieu.

Though it was not always the case, certainly not when Bundnie our first dachsie took over our lives in 1989, these days friends have an easy time of it finding dachshund photos, videos and paraphernalia to send us. We have dachsie tea towels, coasters, mats, knife rests (4 sets), salt and pepper shakers, Christmas ornaments, socks, underwear (you really didn’t need to know that, did you?), cushions, napkins and even a life-sized faux-bronze cast (don’t ask). All appreciated and put to good use. Most recently fellow blogger Debra, She Who Seeks, suggested we needed a steampunk dachsie around the house.

Believe me Debra if I could find this little guy he’d be in our living room right now.

The word for April 1st is:
Dachshund /ˈdäksˌho͝ond,ˈdäksənd/: [noun]
A dog of a short-legged, long-bodied breed.*
German Dachshund (15c.), from Dachs “badger” (Old High German dahs, 11c.), from Proto-Germanic thahsuz “badger,” most likely” borrowed from the same PIE source as the Celtic totemic name Tazgo– (source of Gaulish Tazgo-, Gaelic Tadhg), originally “badger.” Old English hund “dog,” from Proto-Germanic hundaz.
*Totally inadequate as a definition. They forgot stubborn, intelligent, loving, food-centred, wilful, feisty, affectionate, needy, irritating, lovable, photogenic, controlling hellhounds!

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

2 thoughts on “Another Thing of Beauty”

  1. Glad you like the steampunk dachshund — you did a marvelous job of attractively elongating the photo so it could be used as a blog banner! And I know what you mean about people giving pet-related stuff as gifts — I got a ton of rabbit-related tchotchkes when I had rabbits, and a ton of cat-related paraphernalia when I had Her Royal Highness.

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