This and That

Build It and They Will Come

During our tour of the island of Giske last September our guide mentioned that in Norway school children must spend at least an hour of their school day in an outdoor activity. And he added “that’s regardless of the weather.” So today – though it is bright sunshine it is still -13c – it was great to see two busloads of school kids being dropped off at the skating rink across the road from us.

The rink is in constant use – sometimes thirty or forty people, other time just three or four skaters and on a few occasions one lone soul practising their hockey or figure skating moves. As I mentioned before there was talk of building a five story condo on the property at one point but that has gone by the wayside. Our mayor was also pushing the idea of a National Hockey League style arena however given the amount of use that this small community rink has been getting this year he’d be better putting our tax dollars into more rinks to serve the whole community not just the hockey fans. But that’s another story.

You Can’t Make These Things Up

A few weeks ago our oven really went berserk – it was set at 400c and climbed to over 600c. This set off “ERR” messages, alarm bells and presented the gods with burnt offerings of two loaves of bread. This was the second internal thermometer that malfunctioned in three months. We are fortunate to have good landlords – mind we are good tenants – and within three days we had a spanking brand new stove.

The oven is a very attractive Prussian blue ceramic and they tell us is “Easy Clean”. So far so good. It has produced – with a little help from me – more than acceptable fish pie, roast potatoes, cheddar biscuits, and lasagne.

Unstained by grease, burnt sugar, cheese or tomato sauce – our new ceramic coated oven. And it’s “Easy Clean” – yeah sure it is Mildred!

As I was leafing through the Owner’s Manual – yes faithful reader I actually read Owner’s Manuals – I came across the various warnings they give about use and misuse. Much would seem to me to be common sense but some struck me as just bizarre. To my mind the strangest was: Never attempt to dry a pet in the oven. WTF? Really? You have to be told that? I mean really? Sadly a quick check of the Internet revealed that there are people out there who have done exactly that! And then when I checked the Owner’s Manual for our clothes dryer: it includes the same sort of warning. There also seems to be the same admonition about infants and children! Blessed feet of our bleeding Savior!

Dear god and these people vote and have children. Could explain the state of the world, said he curmudgeonly. Hey you kids get out of my oven!

Meowzart’s the Name

There are music lovers and then there are meowsic lovers. And no I’m not sorry.

The word for February 18th is:
Pavonize /päˈvo̞ːn̺-aɪz/: [obsolete verb]
To behave as a peacock might.
From Latin pāvōnem, accusative form of pāvō (“peacock”); modern Italian pavone.
To flaunt one’s appearance in a vain manner; or maybe to peck at the ground in the hope of finding bits of left over food; or to clean one’s nether regions with one’s mouth. Take your pick.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. ❤️ ‘Blessed feet of our Bleeding Saviour!’
    Did u make it up or is it a traditional Irish Catholic cussing expression ?
    Either way, it is worth remembering.
    And love the blue oven!

  2. You are blessed for your enormous funny attitude which is a mixture of wit and kindness ! Reading you this morning took my mind away … yes children ‘s happiness in the beauty of your landscape is the most precious thing we can share these days!bons baisers de Provence écrasée de soleil cette année 20.

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