Lunedi Lunacy

So what do blue donuts with sprinkles have to do with Islander Day? Well this weekend is the annual Jack Frost celebration – sort of a winter carnival thing with axe throwing, snowmobile acrobatics, ice slides etc and it’s right in our back yard. The donuts are the official “Jack Frost” donuts being sold across the road.

For some reason I was checking the calendar on my iPhone yesterday to see if I had anything interesting scheduled this week other than blood tests and massage therapy. Well doesn’t it just tell me that today is: Family Day in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Ontario. They are a little more historically minded in Nova Scotia where it’s Heritage* Day and Manitoba where it’s called Louis Riel Day. Québec, Newfoundland, Nunavut, the Yukon and North West Territories don’t seem to have anything to celebrate in mid-February. Oh and here on the Island we’re perhaps a bit self-centred – it’s called Islander Day. Regardless of the reason for the “Day” it is only an excuse to take a break from winter if you can’t afford Costa Rica or Florida.

So let’s celebrate Islander Day but dipping into a few quips, cracks, and comments (damn I got a sort of alliteration there) from David Weale’s little books. I quoted from Mr Weale back on our first Islander day as residents in 2017 and on a recent revisit to his work I found I was nodding my head knowingly.

  • The only way the concert could have been worse was if it had been longer.
  • She’s got enough crust to start her own bakery.
  • The snow plough operator on our road thinks there’s a bounty on mailboxes.
  • My mother baked bread all her life but never did get the hang of it.
  • This party’s so dead it should be prayed for.
    Teeth of the Saw
    the Island book of insults
    and cutting remarks
    Tangle Lane Publishers – 2008
  • Mother loved the church. Within a few minutes she’d be off in Latin dreamland.
  • The boys took a vow at confirmation not to drink until we were twenty-one, but most of us never even made it to sixteen.
  • It seemed to me that sometimes the Protestants had dances during Lent just to make us Catholics suffer.
  • We were so poor that there was nothing to give up for Lent except wanting.
    Lord have Mercy
    Islanders hold forth in the great
    Catholic Protestant Kerfuffle
    Tangle Lane Publishers – 2009
  • The reason the population is increasing is that so many Islanders come back home to die, and don’t!
  • The Island is the kind of place where they stab you in the back, then hold a benefit for you the next week, to help you get back on your feet.
  • Islanders are eternal optimists who believe the weather will improve and the next election will change things.
  • Where you born on the Island, or did you come here on purpose?
    It’s an Island Thing
    Quips and Witticisms
    Tangle Lane Publishers – 2013

And one final word: An Islander is someone who is on first name basis with the premier, Lt Governor and the clerks at the liquor store. We use to be three out of three on that one, now we’re two out of three. I’ll leave it to you to decided which of the two it is.

The word for February 17th is:
Kerfuffle /kərˈfəfəl/: [informal noun]
a disturbance or commotion typically caused by a dispute or conflict
The root is the 16th century (possibly earlier) Scots verb “fuffle,” meaning “to throw into disorder.” The “ker” may have come from the Gaelic “car” meaning to “twist, bend or turn around” and added as an intensifier. Until just after the Second World War it was usually spelled “curfuffle”.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

7 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. ❤️ the word ‘kerfuffle’. A colleague of mine would use it on a regular basis.

  2. Lovely banner at the top of your blog. I need a geography lesson on Robinsons Island.

    1. It’s up the North Shore – between North Rustico and Brackley Beach. Never been that way but certainly will come the summer.

      1. Thanks. Checked on Google maps. It currently really isn’t an island more like a isthmus. Of course if it still exists it will be an island with the rising sea levels. I will have to visit the next time I am in PEI. I’m sure Nora (not the dog) would join me if you are not available.

  3. Happy Islander Day! Good quotations! We’re celebrating Family Day by going to see a movie — “1917” to be precise.

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