Marauding Krampusse*

As a follow up to my cheerful St Nicholas post on Friday a rather disturbing story has surfaced out of Austria. A left click on this Krampus and his understandable distraught captives and will take you to a report in The Guardian of rogue Krampusses*.

*There you go Debra I’ve used both of the two possible plural forms of Krampus – only eight or, depending on your point of view, 18 more to go and it’s mine!

December 8th is Take It In The Ear Day – I think I’ll just leave that here!

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

3 thoughts on “Marauding Krampusse*”

  1. Krampusse and alcohol don’t mix!

    On the plural issue, I can neither write nor see the word “krampusse” without thinking of the agonies of menstruation. Sorry, but it’s true.

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