Norse Legends

Okay time for an actual Norwegian legend. The gorge that forms Gairangerfjord must have almost a hundred waterfalls of various sizes but the most famous are the Seven Sisters and their Suitor. Th legend tells of seven sisters of remarkable beauty who playfully let their hair spill down the mountain side into waters of the Fjord. When the spring thaw all seven of them come out to tease a single waterfall across the gorge – the Suitor. In the heat of summer several of the sisters choose to hide from the sultry weather and only one or two will appear. In recent years they have been hiding away more often. At the height of this past summer only one let down her tresses.

But ever hopeful if there is only one or if all seven appear the Suitor beckons, trying to convince one of them to join him. But the Sisters, though they continue to tease their Suitor, will not be separated. To drown (?) his sorrow at being rejected the Suitor has turned to drink and has a bottle perpetually at the ready. Overlooking it all is the face of a troll turned into stone when he was exposed to sunlight – a common fate for these dangerous and stupid creatures.

We hadn’t seen these legendary cascades when we came into the Fjord – well maybe anyone up at 0330 had but certainly no one in our stateroom. To accommodate us slugabeds when we came to the Sisters and Company on our way out of the Fjord the Captain did a 360º pivot so photos and videos could be taken. It took a 7 minutes to make the maneuver but gave everyone a splendid view of the Sisters, their Suitor and a few of us even saw the Troll.

Again the video is very rough with the original sound of the wind, fellow voyagers and the expedition director narrating. And it does last the full seven minutes so feel free to adjust your viewing as you see fit.

Though they are spectacular they are only the 39th tallest waterfalls in Norway. The country is so blessed in waterfalls that hydro electricity is a main – and reasonable – source of power. The Seven Sister cascade 410 meres or 1,350 ft into the Fjord and the tallest has an initial free fall of 250 metre or 820 ft.

September 18 is Rice Krispie Treat Day and also the day that – Air Canada flight load willing – we leave Europe to return home. More about the trip later.

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