But Is It Art?

The good folk at Holland America trumpet the quality of the art that. lines the stairwells and concourses of Neuwe Statendam. Though I found some it it at times whimsical – such as the needle point dress makers display I shared earlier – or interesting, much of it does beg the question: Is it really art?

Here’s a few pieces with more to follow – there were 14 decks, three stairwells and a myriad of open spaces to fill.

Does anyone still wear a hat? – Stephen Sondheim.

I was saw an exhibition of the works of Andy Warhol at the marvellous Byzantine Museum in Athens. I had a chance to speak with the curator and she said: An icon is an icon!

My mother said that needlepoint was an art and I knew better than to contradict my mother.

If it ain’t Baroque then don’t fix it.

Strangely none of the works were labeled with either a title or an artist attribution.

September 15 is Make a Hat Day – which pretty much answers my question.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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