This, That and the Other Thing

A visit to a souvenir shop in the town of Geiranger revealed one thing that delighted me and another that rather bothered me.

Yeah I’m really scared – whatcha gonna do if I cross the bridge?

Judging from the displays of fridge magnets, dolls, computer pads, calendars, and butane lighters Trolls* have become sweet, loveable, endearing wee folk. They aren’t as cuddly as Smurfs but are less likely to leave blue smudges on your clean white shirt if they hug you. And hug you they will, not eat you or demand your first born as payment for some impossible favour granted. They are not the type of troll that the three billy goats defeated to become national heroes. These are Hollywood and Saturday morning cartoon trolls save for the tender sensibilities of little Liam and Emma! No say I! Give us back our ugly, nasty, bone-gnawing, child-kidnapping, malicious creatures whose only purpose is to make mankind – particular miscellaneous royalty, miserable. Those are the trolls we love!

But on to the delightful and a souvenir that I was sore tempted to buy (though where it would end up Odin only knows)! I saw these two and immediately thought of Lauritz Melchior and Helen Traubel in photos of the old Met’s production of Das Ring! At the risk of offending friends who are Wagnerites these two look a heck of a lot more fun than most Brunhildes and Siegfrieds I’ve seen.

And then there were two souvenirs that did find their way into bubble-wrapped safety in our luggage. Any guesses as to what they area – yes I know a teapot and a star but beyond that I mean?

*Please understand I am talking about the real thing of Norse origins here not the fabricated creatures that inhabit the internet. Their origins are from the dark cesspools of diseased minds not the wild and untamed beauty of the fjords.

September 12th is Chocolate Milk Shake Day – so shake it up babies!

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “This, That and the Other Thing”

  1. Fabricated creatures! I ought to be offended.

    Why didn’t you purchase the adorable opera singers? What is the good of living life if not to collect stuff?

  2. I came home without a single troll. Tried finding gifts for friends but didn’t like most of what I found in the official tourist shops. Then in the airport in Oslo I found the best gift shops and loaded up. Unusual items and great quality.

  3. Oh gosh, let me guess. Could they be (gasp) CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS??? No that’s not possible! You’ve said often you weren’t buying any more. So then, what could they be? Can’t wait to find out.

  4. I concur trolls are nasty not nice don’t mess with them types. Alas they don’t make money at the souvenir shops. One of my favorite childhood memories is a wooden ‘cute’ troll my grandparents brought back from their trip to Norway. I’ve longed to go myself some day. I am heartily saddened I could not have gone with you.

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