A Song for a Summer Day

As my friend Michel just remarked, “It’s a real scorcher out there!” As indeed it is: 31c (89f) but with the humidity it feels like 38c (100f)!

Now before I get too shirty about it I must recall that only a few weeks ago I was complaining that summer wasn’t doing it’s number and bemoaning the lack of warmth. So I should just STFU and enjoy the moment with the sure and confident knowledge that within two months I’ll be bitching about the cold once again.

Since I don’t have access to that Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link that people have been taking about – can’t afford it nor is one to be had, something about some woman in England having one – I decided to listen to the cool voice and cooling advised of Noel Coward for anyone who “stays out in the noonday sun.”

July 30th is National Whistleblowers Day and National Cheesecake day??? So get out there, expose corruption in the workplace and then pig out on cherry cheesecake as you sit at home cooling your heals after you’ve been fired.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “A Song for a Summer Day”

  1. Hot enough to melt a monkey’s bum! As for the secondary ‘feels like’, notice they never put C or F by the number….why? It’s subjective, although they say it’s a formula, with no degrees. Let’s just say, it’s hot.

  2. À Ottawa aussi on crève de chaleur; c’est l’époque du bain turc annuel en Ontario fordiste! 😞

  3. “but Englishmen detest a siesta” <— outstanding.
    Miss you! Just popping in to send some love – Auld Hat (Angela)

    1. Hello my dearest Auld…. hope all is well there? We haven’t communicated in so long. Let me know what’s going on in your end of the world.

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