Mercoledi Musicale

One of the few song from the Broadway musical that made it into the film version – and a good excuse for a picture of one of the great beauties and fine actresses of American film: Ava Gardner

On Sunday I posted my favourite song from a relatively unknown musical with lyrics by poet and humourist Ogden Nash and music by Kurt Weill. One Touch of Venus opened in 1943, played 567 performances, and made a star of Mary Martin. It was made into a film with Ava Gardner but as with so many movie musicals of the time jettisoned most of the Nash-Weill material. It has been revived mostly in concert performances and a recording of the full original score was issued in 2014 starring Broadway star Melissa Errico. It had been in the works for 14 years. There are at least three songs from Weill’s score that have become standards over the years, It’s Him being one and here are the other two.

One of the songs left out of the movie version was I’m A Stranger Here Myself sung here by the remarkable cabaret singer Greta Keller.

The combination of Peggy Lee, Ogden Nash and Kurt Weill is pretty darn hard to beat.

July 24th is one of those days where a multitude of celebrations have been decreed. It is Cousins Day, Tell An Old Joke Day, Tequila Day and Amelia Earhart Day. So grab you Mother’s Brother’s kid, have a few shooters and get flying and find out why the chicken crossed the road!

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