Cocktails and Laughter

And what comes after nobody knows.

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin – one of the ingredients of a Night Flights

Last week I mentioned a cocktail called Night Flights that had shown up on a website I get a newsletter from two or three times a week. Though my friend Pierre suggested I should pursue the Cabana Boy from the same issue (such a mind that man has!) my friend Dr Spo was intrigued by the picture of said Night Flights. Being the investigative sort Someone over at the Spo household discovered that to add the ingredients to their liquor cabinet would cost over $90.00 US and entail a trip to Washington DC for one of the liquors.

Being equally inquisitive I did some research on what it would cost should I decide to make it our summer drink here on the Island

After having ascertained that not one of the ingredients other than the garnish and perhaps the lemon bitters, though that is not a given, was available anywhere in the Maritimes I went further afield here in Canada and finally to Washington for the fixings. And here’s the total cost – baring shipping, handling, taxes and in at least one case airfare and hotel:

For my American friends that would be $132.12 US at the current rate of exchange.

I may just consider that Cabana Boy – oh but wait a minute I need Rhum agricole and coconut-lemongrass syrup for that. Cancel that order!

July 16th is Corn Fritters Day, Fresh Spinach Day and World Snake Day – again one of those days you just don’t know how to celebrate.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

12 thoughts on “Cocktails and Laughter”

  1. I’ll just have a beer thanks! I happened to be going through an old recipe book and it had a chapter on mixing drinks. After reading a few mixes, I just found they were way too complicated and expensive to be able to enjoy a glass after.

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