Lunedi Lunacy

We don’t have – collective gasp – Netflix! But after having watch a few clips of the new British series Derry Girls I’m almost tempted. It’s hysterically funny and at time brutally honest about the foibles, dangers, prejudices, and preconceptions of life in Northern Ireland during The Troubles.

Perhaps it was serendipity that I saw the first clip just after reading Thomas O’Grady’s poem “Delivering the News”. Much like his young newsie the chief concern of the teenage girls (and boy) from Derry are of the moment: exams, getting to a rock concert, dead dogs, and a young priest with fabulous hair. The larger troubles, what one of the adult characters refers to as the “civil war”, and attempts for peace are present but pale beside their own “troubles”.

I must admit there are a few times when the Derry accent can be impenetrable and the dialogue often comes fast and furious but so do the laughs. After a successful second series Channel 4 has confirmed that a third (and most likely final) series is in the works.

Though the cast is a ensemble I have to admit my favourite character is Sister Michael, the headmistress at Our Lady Immaculate College, the all girls (well except for James) school.

Please be warned that there is “strong language” and some of this may not be considered “safe for work”. But what the frig it’s British TV, what did you expect?

Series creator Lisa McGee isn’t shy about taking the mickey out of the attitudes of sectarianism that are prevalent in Ulster. Sadly there is an underlying reality to the humour in this little episode.

I keep hoping that someone will upload the whole series to YouTube. Stranger things have happened – like the – and I say this with all sincerity – blessed Good Friday Agreement.

May 20th is Be A Millionaire Day, which I’m sure we can all go with. It’s also Strawberry Day so we can send the staff out to pick some from the manor garden to go with our bottle of 1996 Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. I believe Netflix (The ‘Flix) is still offering its one-month free promo. All u have to do is register with a credit card (!), password, and voilà, you’re in. All u have to do is cancel before the end of the month (counting from the day u subscribe) and they won’t charge u a thing. That’s how I got hooked a few years ago. At this stage of the game, I refuse to live without it. Use it just about every day. Netflix = le bonheur!

  2. Oops, forgot: works well if you have unlimited internet. I have binge-watched a few series; let me tell you that 4 or 5 one-hour episodes in a row can wreak havoc on one’s internet cap (I have unlimited. Unlimited internet = le bonheur).

  3. You need Netflix for the gentle Canadian comedy (who knew?) Schitt’s Creek. Very uneven plotting, but the four main characters are superbly played, the gay relationship that develops in the second series is positively viewed and the delivery is always good even if some of the lines aren’t. Moira the Sacred Momster Mother has become a cult figure here and is much imitated.

    1. Dear Heart anyone who has followed North American comedy would not be surprised that a show such as Shitt’s Creek is Canadian. A majority of the writers and creators of comedy shows in the US are Canadians who got their start here. At home satirical comedy – at it’s most pointed often with no holds barred and no quarter given to politicians or newsmakers – has been a staple of radio and television for as long as I can remember. Sketch shows such as Kids in the Hall and SCTV have always worked better than sitcoms but there was a splendid show called Corner Gas set in a small prairie town that featured a superb ensemble – and come to think of it the word “gentle” would apply to it.

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