I mentioned earlier that I couldn’t find photographic proof of Laurent and I in our “gay appareil” for the Gala last Saturday. Well low and behold someone took a photo of two of my Board colleagues and I looking snappy and happy at the beginning of the evening.

Meeting and greeting our guests with Jenna (seated) and Marlee who along with Maggie, Bruce and I worked hard to make our fundraiser a success.

March 30 is either Turkey Neck Soup Day or Doctors’ Day. So tell me Doc is turkey soup as good for a cold as chicken soup?

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

10 thoughts on “Semi-Sartorial”

  1. Semi sartorial: top hat + tux.
    I wonder what ‘fully sartorial’ would look like!

  2. That would have been if Laurent in his silk Alpine waistcoat and formal Trachen had joined us for the photo-op.

  3. Oh this photo is wonderful! One of my life’s desires is to own or at least wear a Top Hat.
    You look marvelous.

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