Throwback Thursday

Again as I go through books, catalogues and programmes I stop, more often than I should, to leisurely look, dwell and read. And in the dead of what has been a long winter thumbing through the catalogue from Sunlight on the Side of a House, a stunning retrospective of the work of Edward Hopper mounted in Rome back in 2010 made me feel a little less tapped by the snows and winds of winter.

February 21 is Global Information Governance Day..

Willy Or Won't He

I was first fully aware of who Edward Hopper was back in 1981 when I fell in love with Pennies From Heaven, a musical film fantasy with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters based on Dennis Potter’s successful BBC TV Series. The settings for several scenes were right out of Hopper paintings – and the one I recognized immediately was his most famous: Nighthawks. A bit of investigation – the library, yes Virginia we went to the library back in those days – revealed more about him and his work and I number him amongst the 20th century artists that I adore.

When the Hopper exhibition at the Museo di Roma was first advertised on billboards throughout town I made a note to myself that I really had to catch it. And finally I did last weekend – further note to self: try to catch these things other than…

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