Gratuitous Puppy Celebrations

Well not really puppy – they both turn ten this month but to us they will always be our puppies.

It’s difficult to believe that it’s almost ten years since we made that trip to Casa delgi Orso in Capena just north of Rome and first saw our Nicky and Nora – better known as the Hounds from Hell. They were just over three weeks old and their eyes had barely opened. They were still in their whelping boxes and nestled with their respective dams and litter mates.

Below would be our feisty girl’s dam and sire: Lucie and Camillo. Lucie was such a suck and loved to be snuggled even if it meant interrupting feeding time. Camillo was a little fireball and a champion working dog, who gave us a real demonstration of his abilities as a hunter and tracker when one of the pups got loose. Both of Nora’s parents were in hunting packs and their prey was, believe it or not, boar! We know that Nora came by her rub “my belly and cuddle me” genes, her hunting howl, and tracking nose honestly.

And these are the young lad’s parents: Giverny and Monet. Giverny was most upset that I had handled her little guy – she checked him over to make sure everything was still there, licked him clean and then he headed straight for a teat. Monet was a show dog so we know where Nicky got his “I’m on the catwalk of life” vibe! And with that sort of parentage how could he not be an “artiste”.

Elenora di Capena was born on February 13 and Fantastico Nicky on February 24 making her the older one. And she’s never let him forget it. Back in July of 2011, a few days before they immigrated to Canada, Nora (without her collar) read the riot act to Nicky. She was the boss back then and eight years later she’s still the boss.

Happy birthday to our two whining, barking, growling, groaking, irritating, demanding but loved beyond all belief Hounds from Hell!

On this day in 1972: José María Velasco Ibarra, serving as President of Ecuador for the fifth time, is overthrown by the military for the fourth time.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

7 thoughts on “Gratuitous Puppy Celebrations”

  1. Happy birthday, puppies! I hope your humans give you special attention during your birth month.

  2. Which means we’ve known each other for well over a decade – and like fine old wine we’re both improving with age. Though in my case the sediment is sinking to the bottom.

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