Clean Up in Aisle 2782!

A Warning and a Possible Apology.

I’m trying to tidy up some old posts and get rid of a lot of junk that is cluttering up my WordPress account. Unfortunately when I switched over two years ago it was what Miss Firth, my beloved English teacher, use to say of my essays: Well that’s quite the dog’s breakfast, isn’t it?

I have been told by the good people at WordPress – and they are an extremely helpful and knowledgeable bunch – that people should not get notifications to changes I make to old posts if I do certain things. However, and there is often a however, I am not all that confident in my ability to always remember to switch things off. So if any of you should suddenly find yourself being advised of a brand new post from 2008 I do apologize. I’ll attempt to ensure it doesn’t happen.

On this day in 1904: Anton Chekov’s AThe Cherry Orchard receives its premiere performance at the Moscow Art Theatre.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

2 thoughts on “Clean Up in Aisle 2782!”

  1. My teacher called mine a dog’s “dinner” – as dinner is bigger than breakfast I feel I must be more of a dummy.

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