Throwback Thursday

A Sunny Sunday Expedition to an Exhibition

I was a little confused when I received my daily update from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford this morning. They referred to March 1st as being World Book Day and included some very interesting books from their incredible collection. For some reason I had it in what’s left of my mind that WBD was sometime later in the calendar. A Google search – is anyone else finding Google less and less helpful? – showed April 23 being World Book Day according to the UN. A further searched revealed that it may well be according to the crew at 46th and 1st but in the United Kingdom it’s March 1st.

So not wanting to neglect any occasion that celebrates books I thought I’d revisit a trip to the Vatican Library back in February of 2011. Not exactly the Library itself – that was one of the few areas I didn’t get to visit – but an exhibition to celebrate it’s reopening after a three year renovation and restoration project. It was the first event in a day of food, opera, friendship, and books!

Willy Or Won't He

Last Sunday was one of those glorious winter days we can get here in Roma: it had been cold at 0730 (around 0c) when I walked the Hounds from Hell but by 1000 when we set off for Piazza San Pietro it was sunny and warm – in fact it got up to around +18c.   I was surprised at how few people were in the square on a Sunday morning but it was not too difficult to pick out the tourists – many wearing short sleeves and – lord help us – some even in shorts while the locals were still sensibly wearing their scarves and gloves.   Experience has taught that it may be warm in the sun but those churches and old buildings hold the cold. The jaunt over to the Country Across the River was the first activity of a rather full day of exhibition viewing, pranzo…

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