Lunedi Lunacy

storm-chipsAs we battened down the hatches for the wild winds, snow, rain etc that the past few days has delivered to the entire Maritime region of Canada we received the usual advisory from the folks at the Island Emergency Preparedness Centre.  We made sure we had all the necessities they suggested – water, milk, flashlight, candles, matches, and our supply of StormChips.  For some reason that self-evident (to us at least) phrase puzzled a goodly number of people we know.   If like some of the smaller communities in Nova Scotia you are still in the dark I suggest you click on the link for an explanation.

Their innocent queries did bring to mind dear Fran, late of the Kids in the Hall.  I fear someone would not only need to explain StormChips to her but explain that Ketchup flavoured chips* were not the work of the Devil.

*Yes Tiffany they are a thing here in Canada and for some reason desirable during a winter storm.

On this day in 1297: François Grimaldi, disguised as a monk, leads his men to capture the fortress protecting the Rock of Monaco, establishing his family as the rulers of Monaco.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

12 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. ‘croustilles Tempête’ c’est délicieux comme programme!
    Dear Willym, my very best wishes to you four! Tonight I guess we all need here some Mediterranean croustilles tempête, we’re having all the rain that missed our coasts for so many months in one go….

    1. And to you and all the family! Hope 2018 brings lots of glorious music and wonderful venues. I’ll send you some of our cold, it’s been -35c here the last week and finally is up to -18c…..

      1. First thing first then! then I will share the sun with you… like last June and August for long months… if I could send it to you when it’s -35… hope it will soon reach -2 … on your shores! Any plans to travel to Aix again like the good old days? Keep me informed, will you?

  2. Fran is right! It DID all start with marble cheese!

    P.S. I saw Scott Thompson do his version of “Gay Pride” stand-up a couple of months ago at the Edmonton Comedy Festival. My gawd, it was nothing but filthy raunch! Of course, I loved every minute of it.

  3. I hope you and Larry battened down the hatches. I hear he likes Lays??

  4. I’ve never heard of Storm Chips, but I did love Kids in the Hall. I love how “salsa” is used in other parts of the world. Here, it’s simply means “sauce.” What KIND of salsa do you want? Mushroom? Tomato? Cream? Brian!

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