Throwback Thursday

Several firetrucks roaring by the house, sirens blaring, in the past few days and an altercation in the Provincial Legislature where a member was expelled for suggesting (rightly so) proceedings there were nothing but a farce brought to mind an episode from our time in Rome.

Willy Or Won't He

Quo Vadis PosterBoth the title and the picture may be a bit over dramatic – who me!!!! – but when I got home Saturday I was reminded of Peter Ustinov strumming a lyre and chortling as Rome flamed behind him. I somehow had a picture of Laurent on our balcony doing much the same thing last Wednesday night.

Apparently the elderly gentleman across the hall left a space heater on beside his bed while he was out. The bedding smoldered and when he came home around 11 pm the draft when he opened the front door really got things going. Laurent smelled and saw smoke in our front entry hall and opened the door to find a hall filled with smoke and our Portere (Building Super) stepping out of the elevator (DUH! rule #1 – In case of fire do not – repeat – do not use the elevator) carrying a small…

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Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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