*Missing In Blogging

No exactly me trying to collect my thoughts and put them into words but pretty damned close!

I realize it’s been two weeks since I put anything up – a good long time but not a record absence  during the eleven years that I’ve been posting on Willy Or Won’t He.  Over that time I’ve made some 2,264 entries covering a wide range of topics on everything from soup to nuts (and I mean that literally).  At times the posts have almost written themselves – the ideas, words, and photos have come easily.  Other times it’s been more a chore than anything with things entering into the world, like Richard the Third, “half-made up”, thrown into the trash, or left to one side for the Never Never Land of later.  My draft folder contains 91 “what seemed like good ideas at the time” items.  Looking back at more than a few of them I have that “what the hell was I thinking?” reaction.

The last few weeks I’ve been of a mind with my dear friend the good doctor over at Spo Reflections:  I find that the inspiration hasn’t been coming and that life had reached the point where the time – and the will – just wasn’t there.  We have had visitors on  a fairly regular basis – strangely more in September than during the entire summer; there was a four day conference on musical theatre in Canada that took up almost a week; and the benefit fundraiser for the PEI Symphony Orchestra has been prime in our thoughts and efforts.

The visitors have all been more than welcome ones – friends that I haven’t seen in a long while and in two cases bringing with them new friends that it has been a pleasure to meet.  The conference was a good one with a fascinating regional musical, workshops of three new musicals, a world premiere, discussions and the opportunity to see some of Canadian’s finest musical theatre performers at work.  And I’m glad to say that the benefit appears to have been a success if not exactly the big fundraiser we were looking for.  Again it was an opportunity to see some established and emerging performers proving the wealth of  talent here on the Island.

Me finally putting pen to paper – again very figuratively!

However now things are a little quieter and as has the good doctor Spo after contemplating calling it a day for this blog thingy I pick up pen – figuratively – hone my Photoshopping skills and plunge in.  Perhaps not as frequently and with such fervour that I will be posting every day but enough that a few of you will continue to click to see what’s happening in my fevered brain and in our little corner of the universe.

On this day in 1618: The twelfth Baktun in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar begins.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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