On This Island

Today we are celebrating the Acadian National Day here in the Maritimes and to mark that event there is music, food, dancing, crafts, and festivities are taking place here in Charlottetown and in the Evangeline region. Tonight at Porte-la-Joye, the original French settlement on Île Saint-Jean there will be fireworks. I thought I would repost this entry from last year as a reminder of the history of the Acadian people here on Prince Edward Island.

Willy Or Won't He

I have freely admitted that my knowledge of Prince Edward Island was minimal when I first visited back in August of 2015 and has only slightly improved since my full-time arrival in September of this year.  Oh I knew that the Charlottetown Conference had been held here in 1864 but I didn’t know that Island did not join the Confederation until 1873 nor did I know the conditions for it joining.

And of the Island’s earlier history I was even less aware.  I had vaguely heard of the Mi’kmaq in history class but have yet to discover the history and culture of the First Nations people of the Island.  Of course it stood to reason that it had been under French control at one time but I had not realized it was part of what was called Acadia and was known as Île Saint-Jean.  Nor had I realized that there…

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