Lunedi Lunacy

Not really an Editorial but more of a Mild Rant.

Given the state of the world around us it is becoming more and more difficult to find anything that would strike most of us as lunatic – even here in the land of the understatement and the eternal apology.

03102017c_2_Super_PortraitA fine example would be the tempest in a Labatt’s 50 beer can about the logo for Canada’s 150 celebration.  Now this logo has been around since the previous government – a very salient point – unveiled it back in April of 2015.  Keep in mind this was a government that qualified as the Iced Tea Party of Canada but they had no problem with the multi-coloured stylized maple leaf.  At the time there was a bit of “tsk.. tsking” about the graphic itself being rather old-fashioned and too reminiscent of the Centennial logo from 1967 but that was pretty much it.

I find it inoffensive and I was surprised, in the past few days, to see that a certain segment of the “press”, a goodly number of the more conservative websites, commentors, and disseminators of badly adapted American memes have suddenly found it to be reeking of the “homosexual agenda” and the current government’s wish to destroy Canada.   Now I’m no expert on human behaviour but if all it takes is a multi-coloured maple leaf on a coffee mug to turn you gay then your sexuality was probably always a bit of a question mark.  And I had not realized our democracy was quite so fragile that a badly stencilled logo on a Made in China t-shirt could bring it down.

On top of that they tell us that the Evil Boy Emperor is trying to replace our flag – which so many died in two world wars to defend – with this offensive image emblazoned on a banner.  Now I am no big fan of EBE but I can’t find a bill tabled in the Commons to effect that heinous change nor has an “Executive Order” been issued as one site claimed.  Now that could simply be because we don’t have such an animal in our system*.  Surely if this outrage were in the works Harper Lite and company would be inarticulately raging about it in Question Period.  Also a quick history check shows that our flag was introduced in 1965 and at that time most of these people, or those like them, fought tooth and nail against it.

What can you say to these fearless “patriots”?  It’s a commercial logo created for marketing purposes for heaven’s sake: you know like the one on that sweater you wear while cheering on your favourite loosing hockey team.  And if you wait until July 2 you can probably buy a dozen of those coffee mugs at a deep discount and smash them to show your disdain for EBE, them homos, and those destroyers of the Canadian way of life.

I’m really not sure how you top this sort of lunacy!

*To be fair they might have meant an Order-in-Council but somehow I don’t think the writer knows enough about our Parliamentary system to be aware that such a thing exists.

On this day in 1927: The Cyclone roller coaster opens on Coney Island.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. Hey, the original 1967 Centennial logo was ALSO multi-coloured . . . was that a sign of GAY POWER too? Oh wait, homosexual behaviour was still a criminal offence in Canada then. D’oh! Guess not.

  2. When you see comments about defending our Flag fought for during World War II, the commentor means the Union Jack or the Red Ensign, Not the current Maple Leaf flag of Canada and the old British flag pre-1965 is the flag they like, Harper had the same agenda. A lot of these commentors are very confused.

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