Faith and Beggorah

To be sure…. to be sure….

I have held forth previously on the fact that as a Son of the Auld Sod (once removed) I will have little or nothing to do with singing songs about boys named Danny, women called Mrs Murphy who’s recipe for chowder includes underpants, or bleary eyes of any nationality accomplishing the near impossible feat for eyes of smiling.  I will partake of no beer that has been laced with spinach juice or worse to make my bodily fluids turn green.  And I will not kiss some stranger because they are wearing a green made-in-China sweatshirt proclaiming false citizenship*.   Nor will I celebrate some snotty nosed Briton who came over and drove all the little folk and fairies underground.  Mar sin ann!

And in the spirit of a true cráiteachán I offer the following as my tribute to the Blessed Mother-sweary wording Pádraig!

*Unless they happen to be ginger and built!

On this day in 1969: Golda Meir becomes the first female Prime Minister of Israel.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

4 thoughts on “Faith and Beggorah”

  1. Never trust a sock puppet! TVO had been running a lot of very interesting documentaries about the history of Ireland.

    My neighbours are trying at this moment to get me to go out and listen to some awful music that they claim is Irish.

  2. Ah, the high-brow culture you always introduce me to! Hilarious. We went to an Irish-named cafe with a shamrock in the logo for our morning coffee. They forgot it was St. Pat’s Day. I was relieved. Oh, the first drink I ever had in a public bar was when I was 17 (oops), my freshman year at university. It was Saint Patrick’s Day and it was a green beer. It was disgusting! Happy Mother-Swearing Saint Patrick’s Day!

  3. I worked with a doctor from Dublin; she was mystified what was passing as ‘Irish” around here, especially St. Patrick’s day.

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