Lunedi Lunacy

Perhaps not safe for work???

On the weekend my friend Mark raved on Face Book about Friday evening’s Graham Norton Show and even posted a link to it.  Unfortunately it was one of those “due to copyright this is not available in your area” things which I felt was blatant discrimination against Islanders but turned out it applied to all of North America which made me feel better.  However within hours it was available on Norton’s YouTube Channel and Mark was right – it’s bloody genius.

Norton has a record for putting together great combinations of guests with sometimes startling results but even he maintains that this was one of his best shows:  Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

And notice a few things – the guests have – gasp – drinks!  and pretty much anything goes.  How can you tell it’s not North American TV?

To see the entire show (it lasts about 48 minutes) including Hugh Jackman’s mom and James Blunt you can click here.

On this day in 1700: William Dampier is the first European to arrive on the island of New Britain.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

4 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. I LOVE the Graham Norton show. I’ve been a long time fan, from back in the day when the show aired in Comedy Central in the US, late at night, for its raunchy and often bawdy content. When I was in NYC, I went to his comedy show, and when he brought the show to the US, I went to see it live as well. Now that he’s moved to BBC America (and cleaned up his act) I’m as big a fan, though I miss the audience interaction and some of the bawdy moments. I love the “big red chair” segment. It often makes me laugh. I haven’t clicked on the links because that episode will air next weekend here, but now I’m looking forward to it with great anticipation.

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