Happy Islander Day


Now I have to admit I’m a bit flummoxed as to how we should be celebrating what is a fairly new holiday (2009) here on Prince Edward Island.  When asked on Face Book by a friend from Upper Canada I glibly said that it was a day to just take it easy: many a true word has been spoken in jest.  According to timeanddate.com: It gives people the chance to have a day off to relax or to take a short winter break.   And that seems to be what most people we know are doing.

p-e-i-book-to-be-used-at-notre-dame-uni-1306095To honour this new tradition I thought I’d celebrate by coupling it with my own tradition of Lunedi Lunacy by sharing a touch of Island lunacy.

David Weale (left) is a well-known popular historian who has spent a good deal of his life collection stories from the Island and writing about Islanders.  He has over a dozen books to his credit including four written for children.  He told the Island stories on radio, on stage, through his books and with his magazine Red, The Island Story Book.  Several of his books are collections of witticisms, aphorisms and reflections of Islanders about their (and our) home.

  • The Island’s contribution to Confederation is that we allow the other provinces, even Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, to feel big.
  • On PEI it’s easy to love your enemies like your friends because they’re mostly the same people.
  • The reason the population is increasing is because so many Islanders come home to die, and don’t!
  • He’s not an Islander dear, but he’s lived here all his life.

It’s an Island Thing
Quips and Witticisms
Tangle Lane Publishers – 2013

  • My mother put holy water on us when we went out so we wouldn’t fall in love with Protestants.  And it worked.
  • The Protestants believed the Catholics were going to hell, and the Catholics believed the opposite, so there was pleasure in it for everybody.
  • They were good and kind neighbours, but they were Catholic and we were Protestant, so we never spoke on Sunday – not a word.
  • The Catholic mothers had their holy water, but we were Protestant so all my mother had to ward off evil was Javex.

Lord have Mercy
Islanders hold forth in the great
Catholic Protestant Kerfuffle

Tangle Lane Publishers – 2009

  • When she gets to heaven it’s sure the Almighty will have to mend his ways.
  • He’s not completely crazy, just a half a bubble off plumb.
  • He has nothing to say but it sure doesn’t take much to get him to say it.
  • She never hears a word you say.  All she does is talk and wait to talk.

Teeth of the Saw
the Island book of insults
and cutting remarks

Tangle Lane Publishers – 2008

And according to the author someone actually – and I can believe it – said: If that David Weale is so smart how come he has to write down what other people say?

David Weale’s books can be found at Amazon.com and Indigo Books or from The Turret Bell a local book store here on the Island.

On this day in 1810: Andreas Hofer, Tirolean patriot and leader of rebellion against Napoleon’s forces, is executed.


Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

8 thoughts on “Happy Islander Day”

  1. That’s pretty funny stuff, even though I grew up in Quebec, my area was mostly descendants of Irish and Scottish people, so we had that same type of humour and sayings.

  2. Yes, great wit there. If this is a taking it easy day on PEI, what’s a taking it hard day look like? For you lotus-eaters, anyway?

  3. Reminds me of an occasion when I was a kid and some other boys asked me if I was a Catholic or a Protestant. When I got home I told my mother. “Well it really doesn’t matter Dear,” she said, “but what did you tell them?”
    “I just said I wasn’t really sure,” I said, “but I thought I might be Jewish.”

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