Lunedi Lunacy

Okay now I said only a few weeks ago that I did not want to get political on my blog however I have a bone to pick with our Prime Minister (well several actually including election reform but let’s not go there).  Where the hell are the “SUNNY WAYS” he promised us??????

I don’t see them Justin?  Where are those “sunny ways”.  Hmmm another politician who broke a promise!  Quel surprise.

So given the weather – winter storms in Canada in February, who knew!! – one of the topics of conversation at any gathering is:  where are you going on vacation?   And we try not to grind our teeth as friends talk of trips to Cuba, the Caribbean, Palm Springs and Chicago.  Okay the last one maybe not for the weather but because we love that city so much.  We nod, smile insincerely as we mouth “how wonderful” and then say that we’re quite content staying here this winter.   No really we are!  Really! (Bloody hell look at all that snow!)

It looks like Joan (Victoria Wood) and Marjorie (Julie Walters) had the same idea

On this day in 1955: Israel obtains four of the seven Dead Sea Scrolls.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

3 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. You always share the best videos. I can’t believe it’s another I hadn’t seen. As for your political disappointment, I wish that’s the only thing I could blame the idiot Washington for… a bad weather forecast.

  2. Dear Willym, is it really the view of your surroundings now, what time of the day was it? Thanks for the good laugh at these two holidaymakers… laughing is needed these days here as well!

    1. Ciao bella. Yes that is across the street from us and it was taken at mid-day. It’s winter in Canada – what more can I say.

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