Lantern Lights Festival

A link to some wonderful photographs of a colourful Festival.

Walter over at Inquietudes tells us that sometimes 140 characters is not enough. In this case he’s given the characters a pass and spoken through his talented lens to share a bit of the Lantern Festival in Miami.

By tradition the Lantern Festival is the fifteenth day and last day of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). In the Chinese calendar the night marks the return of spring and symbolizes the reunion of family. And it signals the end to the New Year’s taboos and all New Year’s decorations are taken down.

It is a festival that is said to trace it’s origins back almost 2000 years during the reign of the Emperor Hammingdi, an ardent follower of the Buddha. He was told that to show respect for Buddha that monks lit lanterns in the temples on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. He ordered that all temples, royal palaces and households should follow suit. This Buddhist custom gradually evolved into a grand public festival with games, feasting and, of course, lanterns.

Perhaps that origin history is the accurate one but I choose to believe the version I recounted last year about a trick played on the Jade Emperor.

Whatever the origins the celebration that Walter captured is a bright ray of much needed light in a darkened world

On this day in 1834: US President Andrew Jackson orders first use of federal soldiers to suppress a labor dispute.

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