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In which the author posts in defense of a lack of things political on his blog.

Several people have remarked on the lack of postings on my blog in response to the political events of the past few months – both in Europe and in North America.   Until it was mentioned I really hadn’t given it much thought.  My blog has rarely included anything about politics either domestic or foreign, it was never my purpose or intent.  In the past I have taken the odd dig at our recently departed – if not lamented – Prime Minister and his pack of thugs or the group of religious hypocrites that lived in the country across the Tiber from us during our days in Rome.  However even those were low-keyed and not the main focus of what I was posting.  Certainly during our time in Italy I felt as a guest of the country it was not my place to criticize their elected government as much as I may have wanted to.  On my return to Canada I worked for the Federal Government foreign ministry and again, perhaps old-fashionedly, felt that it was not my place to comment on politics or policies though I may have had strong feelings about both.

It is not that I don’t have an interest in world events such as Brexit or  yesterday’s Inauguration  just that I have never felt that this blog was were I wished, nor felt the need, to express my  opinions or views political.  On Face Book as friends send out memes, articles, links, videos et al concerning the recent events I have only voiced an opinion on those addressing politics in Canada.  I have always maintained – half as a joke – that I do not have the right to comment on “foreign politics”.  It is not that I do not have opinions, views or concerns but that I do not feel I am qualified enough to comment on situations outside my limited sphere of influence.  And I don’t feel that anything I could say would add to the maelstrom of words being thrown out into the infosphere.

Anyone who knows me will know exactly where I stand politically.  I was raised in a family that believed strongly in Social Democracy and I grew up in a country where many of its tenets are ingrained in our system.  For the record I will simply say that I am of many mixed emotions about what I see happening in the world.  And none of those emotions are good ones.  I am worried and heart-sick for family and friends who will be affected by what is happening in both the Uniteds.  I am worried and concerned for the impact these things will have on my own country as protectionism becomes the new reality.  Yes these are parochial concerns but that is my nature and they are my concerns.

In the same way were I to write anything about politics on the blog it would be about parochial matters over which I have some little control:   civic, provincial or federal concerns here in Canada.  And there are many concerns out there however let’s admit it they would be of even more limited interest to my readers than many of the things I post about are already.

On this day in 1535:  Following the Affair of the Placards, French Protestants are burned at the stake in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris





Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

7 thoughts on “The Blog Political”

  1. Fair enough – your blog, entirely your choice what you post about. I do feel that in today’s world there is no such thing as ‘foreign politics’, but that’s my point of view, not yours. All I can say is that you are very lucky, at present, living under the government you do. In the UK, we saw that what applied to Brexit would also apply on a larger scale to America. And it did.

  2. I love what you blog about and have got a sense of you who you are as a result. I don’t tend to get overly political on my blog either. I’m a story teller. I make it clear what my political sensibilities are, but I enjoy reading the blogs of others who enjoy focusing on the politics of the day.

  3. I never publicly discuss politics, religion or money. My experience is that if you don’t you generally make friends, but if you do, you can run the risk of losing them. But just for the record I have been known to swing, and I have neither of the other two.
    Keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. Call me narrow-minded, but in the deeply serious issues which have come to obsess me, Brexit and Trump, I have no friends who support either, and wouldn’t want any who did. There are a couple of people who are friends of friends who took the deluded Brexit line, and said friends have cut them, so strongly do they feel about it.

  4. Some blogs are about puppies, some about children, some about art, music, photography, humor, motorcycles, entertainment, beards or hunky chefs in bed after a long night in the cafe downstairs. Blogs are deeply personal, blogs are also shallow and fun. Some blogs are fiction and some are true personal journals.

    Politics has its place and its place isn’t always in a blog.

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