Lunedi Lunacy

Between 1934 and 1968 showman Leonard Sillman produced a series of Broadway revues called New Faces of (insert year here) and introduced talented young performers that often went on to bigger and better things:  Henry Fonda, Imogene Coca, Nancy Hamilton, Alice Pearce, Irwin Corey, Eartha Kitt, Ronny Graham, Alice Ghostly, Carol Lawrence, Robert Clary, Paul Lynde, Maggie Smith (yes the Maggie Smith), John Reardon, Jane Connell, Inge Swenson, Marion Mercer, Robert Klein and Madeleine Kahn.  They all appeared singing, dancing, and honing their comedic (and sometimes dramatic) chops in a Sillman revue.  The shows were so popular that several were filmed for the cinema and versions appeared on radio and televisions

And here just in time for Halloween is the distinctive voice – which he claimed was influenced by his New Faces and Bewitched co-star Alice Ghostly – and manner of Paul Lynde in a little scene from New Faces of 1962:


Happy Halloween!

On this day in 1917:  World War I: Battle of Beersheba: The “last successful cavalry charge in history”.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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