Even the Devil Wouldn’t Take Him

Last year I told the story of a man so disreputable that the Devil himself wouldn’t take his soul. Many of my friends found it a comforting warning to lead a better life but others either ignored this cautionary tale or have strayed back into the woods of the unrighteous. So once again this year, as a service to my fellow man (and woman) I am posting the frightening tale of Jack and the consequences of a life ill spent.

And besides a good story is always worth repeating.

Willy Or Won't He


Though if legend is to be believed the Devil couldn‘t take the soul of Jack.  Old Satan may be many things but he is a Devil of his word and where Jack was concerned he kept it.

Some say that Jack lived near Tuar Mhic Éadaigh in the bog-lands of County Mayo while others claim he came from one of the villages that dot the Boireann in County Clare.  But where ever he may have lived he was generally regarded, if regarded at all, as the most unpleasant, stingy, sinful man in town.  Mothers would warn their children off becoming like Jack with his  cadging ways; the local farmers always counted their change if Jack went to the trouble of buying something at the weekly market that he could not steal from their fields; even the local priest would hide the poor box when he saw Jack near the…

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Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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