It May Not be Lunedi But…

… It’s Lunacy!

As difficult as it is to believe it’s been over five years since we left Italy and there are times when I still miss that wonderful country.  Chiefly I miss my beloved friends there, but also the cuisine, the culture, the climate, the chaos, and the confusion.  Yes I honestly sometimes miss those last two defining characteristics of that mad beautiful country. What I do not miss is the sheer lunacy of bureaucratic moves such as this:

Some one painted this little scene on a wall just off Borgo Pio near the Vatican.  I don’t know about you but I find it charming and also telling – Peace has won the day in the game of Xs and Os played by the Bishop of Rome.  And frankly I can almost see this happening – spying Swiss Guard and all.


However someone at the Vatican or  Roma Capitale (or both) thought otherwise and within a matter of a day or two sent out a crew to remove the “offending” art.


Would that they were so quick in rid the glorious buildings and monuments of the mindless graffiti that covers so many structures in the city.


As one Roman friend said when they saw this:  Perhaps they should send these guys to do something useful like pick up the garbage that litters the streets – or maybe fill in a few potholes – or even clean the gutters so that street won’t flood during winter rains.


Many thanks to my friend Robert, a long time resident of the Eternal (and eternally surprising and maddening) City for posting this originally on Facebook.

On this day in 1813: The Battle of Leipzig concludes, giving Napoleon Bonaparte one of his worst defeats.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “It May Not be Lunedi But…”

  1. I find it hard to believe the Italians (Not known for their reticence) would find this so outrageous. DOn’t they allow bare breasts in their adverts?

  2. Oh no! I saw the original work of art as a Guardian picture of the day, and now the proof of its destruction. As you say, so paradoxical in a country which I thought liked to celebrate a bit of cultured anarchy once in a while. Banksy would have approved this one. His problem, of course, is having his works extracted from the places to which they give value.

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