‘Til Death Do Us Part

The PEI History Guy has many fascinating posts about what is now our home and often some quirky ones. This story of true love gone slightly awry qualifies as one of the later.

Isaac L. Stewart

G’day there!

Boy oh boy, do I ever have a good yarn for you this week. As is my custom, I was in the midst of trawling through issues of The Guardian, on the hunt for information regarding my intended subject. Instead, I found this and as soon as I read it…well, I just knew it was one of those gems that had to be shared. And if it’s OK by you, I’m going to quote the newspaper article in full, because frankly, it’s simply one of a kind. It concerns the matrimonial misadventure a of 24-year-old expat Islander by the name of Ambrose Grant, and his Irish fiancee of 27, Nellie Sullivan.

Da da dah-dah, da da dah-dah

Monday, 19 October 1903

While Bride-Elect Waited, P.E. Island Man Shot Himself

Ambrose Grant, An Hour Before His Wedding To Miss Sullivan Was To Take Place, Shot In Abdomen – Man…

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