Shoes! Shoes! And More Shoes!

Based on some previous posts a few people have accused me of being a retifist, however during those years in Italy it was difficult to avoid shoes.  Every second store seemed to be a shoe store and often one pair was even more outrageous than the last.  But I have noticed that over the past year or two I haven’t posted anything about shoes.  So to make up for it, and to get the tongues wagging again, here’s more shoes than you can shake a shoe horn at.

This clip begins with Dick Van Dyke proving that he was a great song and dance man and continues on to justify the title of the show – The Night of a 100 Stars.  And yes Christopher Walken was a Broadway hoofer and gypsy before he became everyone’s favourite psychotic.



On this day in 1650: The Harvard Corporation, the more powerful of the two administrative boards of Harvard, is established. It is the first legal corporation in the Americas.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

8 thoughts on “Shoes! Shoes! And More Shoes!”

  1. Since Red Shoes is mentioned as title of the clip, I must mention that I’m not delighted to hear that Matthew Bourne is making his version of the film. It might be better; that wouldn’t be difficult. And with any luck it would be a lot shorter. or have some pace. Am I alone in disliking this particular Powell and Pressburger?

  2. David likes to say ‘there will be no performance of the red shoes tonight’ whenever he is too tired to do something.

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