Age Cannot Not Wither

Some health issues, the death of a good friend, my family moving on while I stay behind, frankly feeling my age, and a bit of the self-pity that comes with that – it’s been a difficult few days.  However this morning a FaceBook friend posted this video which gave much needed confirmation of the resiliency of age.

Earlier this month at at concert at Chiesa di Sant’Alfonso in Turin, Italy Fausta Truffa, a woman in her eighties sang the soprano part in  La Vergine Degli Angeli from Verdi’s La Forza del desinto.  She sings it with a passion and a technique that shames many of today’s singers.  Does the voice show signs of wear?  Of course how could it not?  Does it matter?  Not one bloody bit!


Brava Signora Fausta!  Mille grazie – you have lifted my spirits and gladdened my heart.  And thank you Steve for sharing this.

On this day in 1733:  The right of settlers in New France to enslave natives is upheld at Quebec City.



Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “Age Cannot Not Wither”

  1. This weekend I am feeling the aging process too.
    It is a comfort to know as we age and lose things we had a life full of adventure and meaning like yours is.

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