The Flight of the Peacock

dance of the phoenix
Rice paper thin duck egg crepes, stuffed with pork and vegetables form the tail of this eatable bird.

Several years ago when we were in Vietnam we attended classes with Madame Ha, one of that nation’s “living treasures”, at her cooking school in Hue. Amongst the creations we put together was a very elaborate dish called the Dance of the Phoenix (see left). Strangely I didn’t question that the mythical fire bird could dance but the other day when a friend posted a video of a peacock flying I was astounded. I had never thought of a peacock air borne – strutting around, making with that weird baby-like cry and vainly displaying their finery yes but in the air? Really peacocks flying?



One friend commented: Do you really call that flying? Well yes, a bit in the same way that Kitty Hawk was deemed a flight.  But then I recalled a wonderful scene from Amarcord – the one Fellini film that I treasure and love and could watch again and again.  As with all things in the film the blizzard is a memory and as with many of our memories it is bigger than any blizzard ever.



On this day in 1762:  Trevi Fountain in Rome is officially completed and inaugurated by Pope Clemens XIII.



Author: Willym

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