Grazie Felice, Sono Felice Ma Non Felice!

My friend Vicki posted a video of a gentleman creating a walking stick and suggested perhaps I should get one for strolling the beaches of PEI. I was happy to tell her that I already had one that had been made for me under the most special of circumstances. Five years ago – almost this time – I was given a gift that I will be proud to use as support for my aging bones on those beach walks. And I thought I’d share the post and pictures I posted back in 2011.

Willy Or Won't He

I had a post almost finished for yesterday but then something wonderful happened in the morning that I felt I wanted to share.

The title of this post is a little play on names and words – Felice is, of course, a Christian name here in Italy but it also means “happy”. So the title is three pronged.  My friend and colleague Felice did something yesterday morning that made me both happy (felice) but also sad (non felice).  Over the past few weeks and in the next few weeks these are emotions that I am finding, and given my slightly emotional nature will find, constantly overlapping.

Over a year ago I put up a post about Felice and his remarkable gift as a woodcarver. It has proven an often read item.  In the last paragraph I promised that I would do something more about the…

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Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

2 thoughts on “Grazie Felice, Sono Felice Ma Non Felice!”

  1. This is a most beautiful story. I’m grateful (and just generally glad) to have so many artists and craftsmen among my friends because … well, an Hermes scarf isn’t a bad gift, but things crafted by hand can’t help but be crafted by hearts and minds, too. So, you get all that love-energy on top of it. Yay for you.

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