Lunedi Lunacy

Still staying with last week’s Shakespeare theme Fry and Laurie take the mickey out of all those “An Actor Prepares” programmes that I recall watching religiously on educational TV.


What astounds me – aside from the sheer wit of it all – is how bloody young the two were when this was recorded!  Looking at them who would have thought that Fry would end up become an elder statesman of British arts and letters and Laurie, thanks to House, a bit of a middle-aged sex symbol?

On this day in 1885: Cree and Assiniboine warriors win the Battle of Cut Knife, their largest victory over Canadian forces during the North-West Rebellion.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. Hugh Laurie is doing a marvelous turn right now as an unscrupulous arms dealer on “The Night Manager” on AMC. Also stars Tom Hiddleston!

  2. Fry’s vocal inflections haven’t changed one bit (apart from being funny here, it’s rather a lovely speaking voice). And Debra is right about Laurie in The Night Manager – can even take him seriously as a menacing villain with those gimlet eyes. You’ll like Tom Hiddleston too, for other reasons (though don’t go and see High Rise, it’s pretty much rubbish).

  3. I love Stephen Fry and even more so when I found out he is a team member. I am shocked to realize who Hugh is, meaning I didn’t connect the dots from past to “house”. Both were cute back then.

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