In two months time all our worldly possessions will once again be wrapped, boxed, crated and on a truck heading for our new home.  I honestly forget how many moves this makes but before each move – and sometimes after – we go through the culling of the “unused” to make the move easier (and cut down on costs).   You known the “unused” – those treasures that you have put in a safe place that you then forget about until it’s time to pack up and move.

I don’t know about your home but in ours that area above the kitchen cabinets always serves as a storage space for things that you know you might need and therefore have in plain sight – which then join the ranks of the “unused”.  But they are there: up high, just above eye level, just in case.  And I might add just at the level that cooking grease finds it’s final home bonding with the dust and turning into a layer of concrete that requires, if not sandblasting, vigorous last-minute scrubbing when you discover you suddenly need that vase for the flowers the guests have brought.

Amongst the vases, serving trays, Royal Worcester containers and glass pitchers I rediscovered this little contraption that I bought sometime back in the 1980s.   Since it was safely stowed above the cabinets five years ago I have taken it down perhaps three times – each time in an emergency when I discovered a very essential ingredient was missing.  It really has proved a handy little gadget in times of need.



So what is it and what exactly does it do? Any guesses?

On this day in 1867: Queen Victoria gives Royal Assent to the British North America Act which establishes the Dominion of Canada on July 1.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

7 thoughts on “WaZZat?”

  1. Well, it’s pictured with a coffee contraption, so I might say cáfe filtre ‘thing’. (It *is* however also pictured with a mortar and pestle, so there goes the proximity argument.) Of course it also looks like some kind of ricer, but fiinal guess: milk aerator.

    What I’ve actually got my eye on is a package of deli goodies in the picture. I want one of those…

  2. looks a bit like one of those things you put your nuts in and twist around. Like, for walnut topping on a carrot cake kind of contraption, yes?

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