Tales the Belle Tells

I first met Elizabeth when I received an e-mail back in November of 2007 asking if she could use a photo from a silly posting I had done early in the month featuring  unusual wine labels.  In those days she had a Flickr page of random silliness and a blog of a more personal and serious, though never humourless, nature on the go. She and I became blog buddies and eventually Facebook friends.  Love Elizabeth included beautiful and heart-tearing poetry, remarkable photographs and engaging personal story telling.   On one occasion she melded the three into something that touched our home and those of so many of our friends for which I will always be grateful.

She hasn’t blogged for a while because, being Elizabeth, she has been engaged in a project with her husband Kirk that started as the story of her great great great Grandfather.  But again being Elizabeth it has taken on a life beyond its original intent. However there is no point in my  trying to explain any of this as she has created a new blog that says its all.  I’ve added it to my own blog roll as I intend to follow all the Tangled Histories they have uncovered and discovered.  You might wish to take a look and do the same.  A left click on the picture from the blog header will take you to “stories of settlers and the unsettled, enslavers and enslaved, family lost and found in the Cherokee homeland”.

On this day in 1828: Initial issue of the Cherokee Phoenix is the first periodical to use the Cherokee syllabary invented by Sequoyah.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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