Havoc From Heaven

What a difference one small preposition can make.  Yesterday I posted about mythological havoc “in” Heaven but today I’m thinking of the very real havoc that came down “from” heaven this past Tuesday in Ottawa.  The region got 52 cm (2 feet) of snow in less than 24 hours beating the previous record of 40.6 cm back in 1947*.  I say record but anyone who was around in January 1894 when they got 55.9 or  November of 1912 when 54.1 cm of fluffy white stuff blanketed the city would scoff at a mere 52 cm.

This video captures both the beauty of the storm and some of the havoc that resulted.

A Canadian Tuesday from Brandon McCarrell on Vimeo.

I won’t say a word about the plus 8C with sun and almost total melt we’re experienced on Tuesday in Charlottetown.  Fate can be a bitch when tempted and though it’s now in the minuses here it’s with bright sunshine and no snow in sight for the next few days – so let’s keep it that way.

Many thanks to my friend Judy for passing this on – just think when you get back week after next it will be all gone!

*Current records have been kept since the 1930s based on measurements at the Airport; the previous readings were at the Experimental Farm and apparently aren’t counted statistically.

On this day in 1953: Censorship: Georgia approves the first literature censorship board in the United States.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

4 thoughts on “Havoc From Heaven”

  1. Looks better than it was with the background music!
    A few more anecdotal comments on the storm for you: The snow was actually deeper in my part of town than it looks in the video. There was no one to walk on it. (I kept losing the bottom step at my front door because it got covered with snow and disappeared. Untrodden, the snow was up to my thigh. The snow removal company that clears my drive had no chance of keeping ahead of it either. It only took about an hour to fill in after they came.

    Enjoy they PEI sunshine. Apparently, when they get a storm it’s a doozy!

  2. Snowmageddon! Lol. I have to travel more than an hour, so I just emailed and said me coming into work is just not happening. We only got about 35cms where I live. Like you I’m saying nothing, don’t want to tempt fate either.

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