Hounds from Hell* – 7 Years On

As I was going through some old drafts I discovered this post from 2009 when the Hounds from Hell first entered our lives. In honour of their 7th birthdays – Nora’s is today, Nicky’s Monday of next week – I thought I do what every dotting parent does – I’d post embarrassing pictures of them when they were young along with what I wrote at the time.

The Hounds from Hell*

*Decided to change Gratuitous Puppy Pictures to more accurately reflect the nature of the beast(s).

Aren’t they adorable? So cute! So quiet! Sleeping peacefully! Before they wake up to wreck havoc throughout the household. We’ve ended up with two problem kids – love them to pieces but my lord are they a handful. Daschies are stubborn little critters and very single minded. But as our friend Yannis keeps reminding me – I mustn’t let 4.4 kilos of dog control 75 kilos of human.

Let’s just hold these images in our mind as we view the destruction around us.



Seven years on  and Yannis’s advise went for naught and as we spend two weeks on Prince Edward Island the HFH are at boot camp in the Ontario countryside.  Two weeks with a colleague of mine who is a drill sergeant with the Canadian Forces and also a dog trainer.  First thing Monday morning she had them on the treadmill and was reinforcing the training we’ve been doing the past few months.   By the time we get back they should have been demoted to the Hounds from Heck!


They are still 12 kilos of trouble but this place seems awfully quiet without them.  And we miss the havoc – which must mean something!

On this day in 1899: Iceland’s first football club, Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur, is founded.**

**This is for my friend David over at I’ll Think of Something Later.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

7 thoughts on “Hounds from Hell* – 7 Years On”

  1. You guys have made me fall in love with wire-haired dachshunds. And just the other day I ran into a woman I’ve seen around town before and she was walking HER wire-haired dachshund. She (the dachshund) and I had a love-fest and I thought of you.

  2. “Daschies are stubborn little critters and very single minded.”

    Well, you can sugar-coat (‘single minded’) it if you want to, but it’s ‘attitude’, pure and simple. An unfamiliar sound or sight, mine used to jerk into that haughty posture which says ‘W h a t is the meaning of this!’

    (Not that me, her owner, ever exhibited any such behavior…)

  3. I think I’m more eager for as much as you can give us of the HFH than news about an Icelandic football team – but you’ve caught me in a binge which includes not only that film masterpiece Rams but also The Night Shift, about three misfits working overnight in a Reykjavik petrol station. Football supporters roared past the pumps in the episode I saw last night, curiously.

    Presumably the hounds would love frolicking around PEI, one good reason for moving there…

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