Mercoledi Musicale

Today we are celebrating the birth of little Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus the pride, joy and, for a time, meal ticket of Anna Maria and Ludwig Mozart.   Yes 260 years ago today the no doubt musical wailings of little Wolfie were heard on the third floor of 9 Getreidegasse in the the bustling town of Salzburg.

And there’s a good chance those neighbours who banged on the wall in futile attempts to quiet the melodious caterwauling of the die Mozart kind were totally unaware that he would grow up to compose some fetching little folk songs that would be sung long after their markers had rusted away in Petersfreidhof.


Almost as charming as Mitsuko Shirai’s performance of this little children’s folk song – no arch-Schwartzkopf she – is the obviously Googlesse German of the translation.  Though the singer, much like us, enjoys the frolics of winter she does long for the flowers that bloom in the spring.  A better translation is available here.

And this post is dedicated to my friend Richard who is known for his great love of the music of little Wolfgang!

On this day in 1980: Six American diplomats secretly escape hostilities in Iran in the culmination of the Canadian Caper.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

2 thoughts on “Mercoledi Musicale”

  1. I fear I drove some to distraction at work with my nonstop Mozart music this day. Beats the piped music dreck we usually hear.

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