16 thoughts on “Thirty-seven and Counting”

  1. watching the video and the clips of you both all young and fresh made me wish I had known you all those years…love you both..happy anniversary.

  2. oh, my goodness….just lovely…..happiest of anniversaries. made me cry. I agree with Jackiesue….I wish I had known you long ago and knew your stories.

  3. At first I thought there might be a connection with 1491 and the Siege of Granada, but then I saw that you haven’t been together THAT long! What a parade of styles and differeng facial and head hair…Lovely, congrats.

  4. Oh, Will, this was wonderful. Made me feel so much better after all the cyberridiculousness this week. Happy, happy anniversary. What a handsome pair.

  5. I said this on L’s blog: this is the most lovely and tender thing I have seen in so long. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Thank you all for the comments and wishes. It’s been quite the ride – more ups than downs – and amongst the ups the friends we’ve made over the past 37 years.

    1. “Quite the ride”
      At a party not long ago, the subject of ‘opposites attract’ came up, regarding Stephen and myself at thirty-eight years together. I rolled my eyes, and our friend Dana said, ‘Oh, no, you knew the ride you were getting on!’ Just at that point I think I realized, well, yes, I suppose I did!

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