Lunedi Lunacy

Two weeks ago I featured a cartoon from the Halas & Batchelor studio and in the comments my friend Spo mentioned that it reminded him of Fractured Fairy Tales. Now anyone who ever watched television after school in the early 1960s likely has fond memories of following the adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. 1963fractured-fairy-talesBut our “heroes” were not alone, their attempts to dodge the dastardly duo of Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale were interspersed with all manner of cartoon madness: Mr. Peabody took Sherman through history; Aesop attempted to teach is less than willing son moral lessons; and Dudley Do-Right never got his man nor sweet Nell.

But my own favourite was always the aforementioned Fractured Fairy Tales as told by the incomparable Edward Everett Horton. Beloved children’s’ tales were upended, twisted and tortured beyond recognition always with the distinctive voice  of June Foray as all the female – and a few of the male – characters.   On occasion the same fairy tale would be tackled and twisted in a different manner but it was a given that little of the original story would remain – as witness these two versions of Cinderella.


Among the other recognizable voices were Paul Frees (Prof Ludwig von Drake), Daws Butler (Quick Draw McGraw) and Bill Scott (Bullwinkle).  We never saw the faces but those voices were recognizable the minute they – or rather the characters – opened their mouths.


And I had to included this one if only for the Wolf’s reading material – remembering that this is 1961. R & B could be Rocky and Bullwinkle, Rhythm and Blues, or Rude and Blue!!!!!

On this day in 1992: The Charlottetown Accord fails to win majority support in a Canada wide referendum.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

10 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. How fun, forgot all about these but you’re right, the voices brought it all back. The thing you don’t realize watching stuff like this at a young age is all the adult humor designed to fly right over the kids’ heads. [off to youtube for some… “research.” 😉 ]

  2. Thanks a lot for this discovery!! though i’m beyond required age permitted for watching cartoons… I loved Henry’s love adventure in French … the ‘happy ending’ made me happy for the rest of day I guess!!!

  3. Realized in the day during an episode where Bulwinkle is visiting his doctor that this cartoon series was charting new territory. We cut to a shot of Bullwinkle silhouetted in the window, the dialog from the doctor: “Turn your head and cough”.

    My favorite (?) characters in the show were Gidney and Cloyd, the moon men. Do you remember them? This show was very whacked for its time.

      1. sCrooch gun. And then there’s the anti-gravity mineral “Upsidazium”, and the locale Frostbite Falls, Montana, etc, etc. I shan’t go on (and on).

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