Well Okay.. Election 2015

I’m starting to feel left out in not posting about our Canadian election and I hate not being one of the crowd so here goes.

Rather than hold forth about the good, the bad and the ugly (and boy was there some ugly in the past 78 days) I thought I’d touch on the diversity of Canada.  A trait of our country that a few parties – or maybe one particular party – seemed to have forgotten.  Though all we read about in the news were the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), the New Democratic Party (NDP), the Liberals (the Liberals) and the Green Party (GP????) there were twenty other registered parties running candidates plus a field of independents.   It should be noted that the four main parties were the only ones with representation in all 338 ridings; for some reason not every riding had a candidate from the Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency something that we could all wish for in government.

With all polls being counted and it appears no recounts in the offing the final results are:


I’m pleased to see that the Bridge Party got enough votes for a tournament – venue to be advised; the Pirate Party had a few voters on board for pilfering and pillaging (at least they were honest about their intent!); and despite both the Liberals and the NDP stealing their platform the Marijuana Party got a few token (bad pun) votes.  I freely admit I once voted for the Rhinoceros Party when their platform made more sense than the bullshit that was was going out of the mouths (?) of the big three at the time and perhaps as I approach 70 I’m thinking I should have examined the policies of the Seniors Party of Canada this time around.

It is easy to make fun of some of these parties but what it does say is that people in Canada have the right to run on the platform of their choice.  There were Marxist-Leninist and Communist along with Christian Heritage and Libertarian candidates on ballots; their chances of winning were slim but they still had the right and made the effort to make their views seen and heard.

Over the past few years I have been concerned that that diversity and those rights were being eroded away.  With last night’s election some of the fear has been assuaged;  I feel a little more confident that Canada is still my country and that despite threats to the contrary I still recognize it.

On this day in 1946: Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam decides that October 20 is Vietnam Women’s Day.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

7 thoughts on “Well Okay.. Election 2015”

  1. Hey, how’d that cat in Halifax do who was running for prime minister? Guess he didn’t make it since there was only Justin on TV last night, hogging all the limelight again, lol!

    The ugliness in this campaign all came from Harper and his divisive wedge politics. Thank Allah he’s gone.

    1. Sadly in my riding both the incumbent NDP and the Liberal challenger are remarkable people. Unfortunately one had to lose and it was my NDPer but I’m happy with the “second” choice.

  2. I appreciate (and remain impressed) how well informed you are and you share it with others. You are better than the CBC.
    Oh, by the way, last night I saw a one man show. Apparently the actor is married to your ex-PM (the female one, whose name escapes me). Although she is no Trudeau it was a bit exciting.

    1. Well now if I could remember how to blush I would. Thank you for the compliment. Ah that would be Kim Campbell who is married to an actor whose name escapes me. What show was it he did?

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