Sidd Gets Some Culture – Ontario Style

It’s been almost a year since we had the pleasure of Sidd’s company on one of our travels.  The last time the Hounds from Hell were left to the gentle mercies of their Uncle Pervy Sidd was off gallivanting around the United States of America with another colleague from work.  At that point we had the pleasure of Juan’s company for a jaunt through Germany and Austria.  He attended the opera, several impressive exhibitions and even had caffe and strudel mit schlagsahne at the Zwinger in Dresden.

Juan has an afternoon coffee with a rather taciturn but seemingly contented Matrone aus Dresden in the
square in front of the Zwinger.  Her strudel was – you should excuse the expression – smothered in schlag.

However now it’s Sidd’s turn to join us for a bit of culture – Ontario style as we head down to Stratford.  Sidd has travelled on trains in Europe but this will be his first adventure on Via Rail – going to have to see how it compares.

Sidd was a bit overwhelmed by everything that’s on offer this season but decided that for
his first go at Ontario Culture he’d try Shakespeare, Brecht, Gershwin and Farqhaur.

And though he’s been to the theatre in London, Salzburg and several other places he’s never seen anything by that Shakespeare guy.  And apparently this Stratford Shakespeare Festival has been going on for a while and has a reputation for doing the guy’s stuff up pretty good.  And Sidd’s heard there’s a chance he’ll be able to try some fancy stepping and learn a number from Crazy For You at one of the extra events.  Plus he’ll get to meet Spo and Harper’s Other Daddy and have some good food and wine.  Now if that ain’t culture I don’t know what is.

August 17 – 1959: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, the much acclaimed and highly influential best selling jazz recording of all time, is released.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

One thought on “Sidd Gets Some Culture – Ontario Style”

  1. Hey, I'm going to be at the Stratford Festival in about a month's time — looking forward to it! I had so much fun the last time I attended. Looking forward to reading Sidd's inside scoop!

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