Lunedi Lunacy

Well this pretty much sums up the Canada I grew up it!!!!

I have to admit that I stole this from my friend Yellow Dog Granny but it was just too good not to steal!  That and the fact that it gives me the chance to tell all my Canadian readers – both of them – about a fun little project that several of us Canucks  (including D. over at She Who Seeks) have on the go.

Anyone who read YDG knows that West is the home of the infamous Skunk Egg but its also the home of the good residents of the West Rest Haven.  As well as her many other activities our YDG volunteers there running Jackie’s Kitchen – a monthly taste treat that takes the gang on all sorts of culinary adventures. In June YDG decided to look no further than across the 49th parallel for a theme for the Kitchen and she’s doing a Canadian themed day.  Now its difficult to pin down what actually is Canadian cuisine – poutine? tourtiere? fiddleheads? artic char?  We’ve had some problem with that one let me tell you.

If we can’t identify a particularly Canadian food for the folks in West we decided at least we could share pictures of our home and native land with them.  So several of us have started a postcard campaign.  We’re hoping for postcards from every Province and Territory.  So if you happen to someone that I haven’t cornered written to about sending a card and would like to join us in saying “Hi  eh?” to our friends in West drop me a note at my e-mail and I’ll send you the address.

Meanwhile I have to find my mother’s old traditional recipe for poutine!!!!!

14 May – 1951: Trains run on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales for the first time since preservation, making it the first railway in the world to be operated by volunteers.

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Author: Willym

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6 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. Yes, I've already sent my postcard from beautiful Edmonton!

    Have you seen the ads saying Wendy's is now offering poutine with cheese and . . . “poutine sauce” . . . WTF is that? Clearly not gravy! An abomination!

  2. This is so mysterious to me. The first large flock of Canadians I ever encountered was in Mexico. It was quite an eye opener. Somehow, because of your national health care, I ASSumed that all would be politically left leaning. Among that group, staying in Chixculub Puerto, Yucatan, there was not one. Your country seems sane in so many ways. I am not sure how that works with the kind of conservatism I met up with in Yucatan? (Disclaimer, very small group sample, poor instrument blah blah 🙂

  3. I did not know your mother had a poutine recipe, did she really? I do not remember ever talking to her about that one. Who knew. I always said she was a Saint.

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