Mercoledi Musicale

While I moan and whine about the move I’m pleased – a bit sadistically I must admit – to see that I am not alone in my misery. Our friends Beata, Tom and the girls are trying to get settled back into Ottawa after a long time abroad; Martin, Robert and Rufus are dealing with the first steps in moving into their new house; and Elizabeth – well Elizabeth has a great deal going on with moving into a new house, moving family and it would appear, unlike me, acquiring more things.

A few – a very few – of the chatkas that have found their way to St Vincent de Paul or the consignment house.  If memory serves its the tail end of the lot.  Papier-mache pumpkin anyone?

While our Liz is collecting more “stuff” we’re divesting ourselves of things – those banquet sized linen tables clothes and matching napkins (yes I know Cathy you didn’t expect that many!!!!), silverware, decanters, the second set of pots and pans, the three extra dinner services, those framed posters from the 70s and chatkas – lord help us the chatkas.  How many sets of dachshund shaped knife rests does one household need???  Many things have gone to Saint Vincent de Paul and many others – including our Mexican bedroom set – have gone to an consignment house here in Ottawa that specializes in Estate Sales.

Which brings me to my musical selection for today (stolen without shame from Elizabeth): a little ditty by the wonderful Cheryl Wheeler who seems to love Estate Sales as much as Liz does.  Maybe I should get them both to come up and take a look  – though it isn’t quite like “going through dead people’s houses” they’d certainly see “all the things we’ve collected”.  Maybe either one of them would be interested in a lovely set of dachshund knife rests?????

31 agosto/August – San Raimondo Nonnato

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Mercoledi Musicale”

  1. Uncle Pervey is not dead but his house needs an estate sale – well maybe as rude friends of his have suggested a dumpster is the answer.

  2. We got a dumpster and filled it to the brim. Our move took four burly boys, a 7 and 3 ton truck and took from 0845-1830..even after we had about 25 carloads of banana boxes. I'm pleased that my kitchen is all set up but we are still in a sea of boxes and I'm ready to stop unpacking! We've been in moving mode since Feb 28th when we sold our house.

  3. Dios mio! I think I saw some of our stuff in that video — that’s got to be our ballalaika and bowling trophy! We have downsized so many times now and recently emptied my mother’s house. I will NEVER go to an estate sale (although I think I need that airplane teapot).

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