Canine Accoutrement

A second dog related post??? Have you gone rabid, I can hear my faithful reader ask. No, but while I’m working on a few other things I thought I’d share a few daschie related photos and observations.

There were no cute little puppy parcels under the tree or dog bones cunning festooned with red ribbon at Christmas but that did not mean the HFH didn’t get a gift. To start the New Year they were presented with a new puppy cushion – which Nicky chewed a hole in within the first 30 minutes.

Here’s themselves lounging in the canine comfort of their newly acquired and chewed-in cushion:

But you know who really needs a cushion when you can simply make yourself comfortable on another puppy’s head?

And they were not the only one’s to receive a New Year’s gift. Our friends Peter and Joe saw this little item and immediately thought of us – or rather thought of our dogs and then us! This little whimsical canine candelabra has given me an idea for a daschie themed table setting for the next dinner party. We have the dachshund knife rests, dachshund napkins, a dachshund decanter and now something for the centre of the table.

And no! I will not be serving sausage!!!!!!

03 gennaio – Santa Genoveffa

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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