They Say A Change …

is as good as a rest. Well what with not working these days I find that I’m not resting all that much. Still seem to be doing a great deal between the Hounds from Hell (up at 0700 to walk them), Ballet2000 and a few other things.
So instead of a rest I thought I’d try a change to the look of the blog. Not sure I’m happy with it but we will see. Can always change it back or go into some wild flight of fantasy as the mood strikes me. In the mean time have to take the dogs for their doo – no that’s as in grooming not as in… well okay that too.
And just to keep their Uncle Pervy happy here’s a brief – pre-doo – HFH video:

24 settembre – Beata Vergine Maria della Mercede

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “They Say A Change …”

  1. Now THAT made me smile! And my dog Bandit pricked up his ears and looked around to see who was making those interesting doggy noises!

  2. Uncle Pervy was so excited to see the HFH. Maybe I will be able to walk them at 0700 when I visit; that is of course unless I am jet-lagged. It takes about two weeks to recover doesn't it? Anyway thanks for thinking of me. Great minds must think alike as I have been wondering when we (the blog readers not the Royal We) were going to get another installment. Love the background of the blog's new look; don't know as I like the banner. Let's blame it on the monitor not reproducing the colours properly. Thanks again for the video and posting. Uncle Pervy

  3. From hell? They're heavenly, at least for 22 seconds. You may have changed my mind about wanting a border terrier…

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