The Cardinal’s Garden

I had only seen Villa d’Este in the winter so when friends Lorraine and John suggested a Sunday jaunt at the beginning of August we decided that, like much here, a second look was well deserved. This time around most of the fountains were working – though as always there was something under repair.

I’ve put together this video look at them with some film and photos I took that day. Please excuse the hand-held jerky moments, I really should take a film course or better yet buy a tripod. As the project was done in a larger format you may want to double click on the video and go directly to the YouTube download.

The wonderful music – which I’m hoping won’t be removed by EMI – is by Leo Delibes and is the Galliarde from his ballet music for Victor Hugo’s Le Roi s’amuse. Sir Thomas Beecham is conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the whole suite of dances is one of those wonderful “lollipops” that Beecham delighted and gave delight in. And thank you David for introducing me to it.

I am still trying to identify the little piece played on the Fountain Organ at the end of the video. Anyone of my more musical friends know?

21 settembre – San Matteo apostolo ed evangelista

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

4 thoughts on “The Cardinal’s Garden”

  1. A real labour of love, Will – it all looks so sparkling-fresh compared to when I went (some thirty years ago, ouch) and I guess the water organ has been completely restored since then. What an edifice. And delighted to hear beloved Delibes. Can't identify the olde piece at the end, sorry.

    Guess you know Liszt's Jeux d'eau a la Villa d'Este? Great recording of it by Arrau.

  2. That was lovely Will! Great job!

    Haven't a clue about the piece on the water organ though.


  3. Wonderful job! Made me feel like I was wandering through it with you, which I soooo deeply wish I was. What a lovely afternoon it would be. Then, of course, we'd have to go out for a bite to eat somewhere….

    Sigh, a girl can dream….

  4. Reblogged this on Willy Or Won't He and commented:

    As I am still working on posts about the recent trips – Prince Edward Island and the cruise to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon I thought I’d do a bit of a Throwback Thursday. Here’s a post from September 2010 during our time in Italy.

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